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Secure Your Peace Of Mind And Legacy

Planning for the future is not as hard as you might fear – not when you have an experienced lawyer like me, Mary Beth Mock, on your side. Since 1993, I have helped my clients create estate plans that address their unique concerns. I am equipped to identify the estate planning tools that allow you to protect your wishes, your loved ones and your legacy.

Clients at my Madison firm, the Law Office of Mary Beth Mock, benefit from the personalized attention that I give them throughout their legal matter. I help clients identify their goals, assess their current financial situation and then make recommendations on the best ways for them to achieve their objectives. This customized approach helps my clients avoid expensive and emotional legal headaches that arise when the deceased has not left a sound estate plan in place.

Assert Control Over An Uncertain Future

Trying to forecast and address problems years before they arise is an intimidating task. It’s one of the reasons many Indiana residents put off planning until it is too late.

Talk to me about your concerns. Together, we can find a strategy that works for you. The tools that I can help you utilize include:

  • Power of attorney
  • Wills
  • Healthcare declarations

Whether you are entering your golden years or adulthood, an estate plan can serve as a roadmap for your future. With skilled attorney’s counsel, you can determine the best solution for distributing your assets after your passing.

The plans you create today are not set in stone. I regularly update legal documents for clients after life-changing events such as a birth of a child, a divorce or the death of a loved one.

Skilled Guidance In Administration And Probate Matters

I also assist clients responsible for settling an estate. I am qualified to guide Indiana residents and out-of-state clients through the estate administration and probate process. Using decades of experience, I am able to navigate these complicated matters efficiently, allowing to you focus on your loved ones and yourself during a trying time.

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To learn more about the legal services I offer, send me an email or call 812-913-9975. I am proud to serve clients in Jefferson County and the surrounding communities.