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Fighting For Your Family’s Legal Interests

From prenuptial agreements to child custody agreements, you can rely on me, attorney Mary Beth Mock to stand up for you and your family in open court and at the negotiating table. My experienced legal staff and I will help you find the best routes to navigate the court system.

At my Madison firm, the Law Office of Mary Beth Mock, I provide attentive, compassionate counsel to my clients because I recognize how stressful and uncertain Indiana’s legal process can be. As your advocate, I will help you understand how this process works and will remain by your side every step of the way. Do not hesitate to call me at 812-913-9975 to arrange a private meeting.

By Your Side Throughout The Legal Process

Individuals and families throughout Jefferson County and the surrounding communities turn to me for assistance with challenging family law matters that include:

  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Paternity

Positive legal matters, such as adoption, as well as family law disputes can be overwhelming affairs. I take pride in my ability to prepare my clients for the road ahead, so they know what to expect. Knowing their options gives them a sense of control and peace of mind.

Easing Your Transition To Your Next Stage In Life

Having practiced family law for over 30 years, I have a substantial understanding of Indiana’s divorce laws and know which strategies secure favorable outcomes. I provide proven representation for clients struggling with a variety of divorce-related concerns, including:

I strive to secure divorce agreements that protect your interests and rights, positioning you for success as you enter the next stage in life.

Learn More About My Family Law Services

Don’t let flaring emotions cloud your judgment; rely on an experienced lawyer to serve as your objective legal voice during a difficult time. Discover how I can assist you during a private consultation.

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