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Anticipating the challenges divorce brings

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Divorce

As a resident of Indiana who is getting ready to begin the divorce process, you also need to prepare for some of the surprising challenges it can bring. While most people know that it can be emotional and stressful, they are often surprised by the major life changes they will have to adapt to once the divorce is final.

Family responsibilities can shift and surprise everyone

When couples no longer get along, divorce seems like the most logical answer. However, when they are parents, the dissolution of the marriage can bring a big surprise when their parental responsibilities suddenly shift, and the children are living in two households that might not necessarily run the same way. This can affect both the parents and the children, as the children might lose their routines and rules if the parents cannot get along enough to cooperate when it comes to child custody issues.

Figuring out finances can be a shock

During the divorce process, you will need to negotiate your settlement, thinking ahead towards financial stability afterwards. Some of the things you will want to negotiate include:

• Savings and investment accounts
• Real estate properties
• Vehicles
• Retirement accounts and pensions

However, you will also need to budget for your life once you are on your own. This means figuring out the cost of living, such as how much you will need to pay for housing, utilities and food. While this seems simple, it can come as a divorce surprise if you were not the one who was tasked with paying bills and budgeting during the marriage.

Moving on after a divorce is challenging. Each person will have a different journey. However, these two big challenges will be ones that you will probably face immediately, but once you overcome them, they should help you with starting your new single life.