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Child support and a parent’s finances

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Child Custody

Several factors play a role in court decisions regarding child custody. A parent’s temperament and commitment to responsibility may establish whether the child would be in good hands. Concerns about a parent’s financial situation might arise since child care costs might be significant. So, expect an Indiana family court judge to review both parents’ income and net worth.

Finances and child custody

Awarding custody centers on the child’s best interest, so a parent’s earning potential is not typically the primary factor when awarding custody. However, income and need play a role in deciding child support amounts.

When deciding on child support, a court reviews a parent’s earnings and earning potential. Evidence pointing to legitimate childcare expenses may undergo a review. Health care and school-related expenses would likely enter into child support discussions.

Other issues may arise when requesting child support. Sometimes, a parent could earn more if they wished. Someone only working a part-time schedule out of convenience might find the court unsympathetic to requests to pay low child support amounts.

Negotiating child support

Indiana child custody and support decisions need not solely come from a judge’s decree. Both parties could negotiate terms. An amicable divorce might make such an outcome more easily achievable.

Still, the court would have the final say on any divorce settlement proposal. If the judge does not approve of a parenting plan or child support amount, the parties might need to return to negotiations.

In some situations, a parent’s financial situation may worsen. The parent could seek a modification from the court to lower the support amounts. Similarly, a custodial parent may seek an increase in child care expenses change. So, child support decisions are not always final.