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What to consider before divorcing when you have kids

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2022 | Divorce

There might not be a way to prevent your children from feeling sad over you and their other parent splitting up, but you could try to consider your timing. Before you file for divorce with the Indiana courts, take a look at some of your child’s recent life events.

Recent grief

If your child has recently lost someone they love or a pet, then you may want to hold off on the divorce for a few months if it’s possible. How long you wait is up to you and what you feel is a reasonable time, and of course, it’s important to consider your own happiness and ability to function in the marriage.

Changed schools

Going to a new school is stressful for children. You may want to wait until they adjust to the new environment before informing them that you plan to divorce.


If your child doesn’t have a lot of friends, you may want to encourage them to expand their social circle before you tell them about the divorce. Having a support system to lean on could make it easier on them to cope with you and their other parent splitting.


You might want to prepare for telling them the news to help it go over a bit more smoothly. You could anticipate different reactions that they might have and how you’d respond. For young children, you may want to think about how to explain it in a way that they understand and that makes them feel safe. Young children worry that you and their other parent no longer love them. They need repeated reassurance throughout and after the divorce process that you and their other parent are there for them.

Once you know that you want to divorce, it’s usually best to inform your children as soon as possible. You may want them to find out from you rather than someone else or social media. However, in some situations, you might decide to wait a little bit until they are less stressed.