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4 recommended steps to take when presented with a prenup

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2024 | Divorce

Being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement can stir up unwanted emotions and doubt about the strength of your relationship. Like many, you might see prenups as emblems of doubt, hinting at a shaky future.

But before you put a pause on your wedding plans, believing the prenup request is a sign of doom, learn more. In reality, a prenuptial agreement can be a positive step toward a secure and happy marriage.

Here is some guidance on how to react when your intended hands you a prenup.

Don’t sign right away

Never feel pressured to sign a legal document you do not fully understand or agree with immediately. Take your time to read it thoroughly and ask questions about anything unclear. Remember, you can negotiate the terms of the prenup before signing.

Learn their reasoning

Have an open conversation with your partner about their desire for a prenup. Are they safeguarding a family business or assets? Perhaps they’re concerned about future debts? Understanding their viewpoint can alleviate your anxieties and foster productive discussions.

Consider possible advantages

Contrary to belief, a prenuptial agreement can benefit both spouses. For instance, it can clarify marital financial issues and safeguard both partners from potential economic difficulties.

Instead of having your partner or their representative explain the prenuptial agreement, consider an independent, unbiased review. Doing so can help ensure that the prenup is valid under Indiana law and, importantly, it protects your rights.

A prenup need not signify a doomed relationship or a lack of trust. When it safeguards your marital rights, it can be a proactive measure for a successful marriage.