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Can a co-parent request an altered custody schedule?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2024 | Child Custody

A child custody schedule helps establish when each co-parent will have custody of their children. This schedule can alternate custody each week, every other week or every day depending on what works for parents. However, these custody schedules may not work overtime. 

A parent may request to alter a custody schedule. A custody schedule could be altered if both parents agree to the changes. However, if parents do not agree on the changes, a judge may allow a schedule to be changed for a few reasons. Here are a few reasons parents may need to alter a child custody changes: 

Are they moving?

A co-parent may need to move after a divorce to find better work or living opportunities. This move may have them move to another town or city or over state lines. This distance could create problems for parents to transport their children. Parents may need to discuss having more time with their children so they are not traveling as much.

Have they developed an illness?

A co-parent could have developed an illness that affects them physically or mentally. Their ailment may make it harder for them to care for their child. The other parent may need to take on more custody days so the co-parent can recover from their medical condition.

Did their job change their schedule? 

A co-parent may have recently changed jobs or had to change their work schedule. This new schedule may conflict with their child custody schedule. A co-parent may request a change to a custody schedule so they can continue to meet work hours. 

If your co-parent is requesting an altered custody schedule, then it may help to reach out for legal help to learn about your rights.