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How a prenup may strengthen your marriage

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Divorce

It’s likely that when you hear the words “prenuptial agreement,” it leaves you with a sense of foreboding for the relationship to come. Many in Indiana and elsewhere in the U.S. have the notion that signing a prenup means you and your partner enter the union with the assumption that things will eventually go wrong, and you’ll have to split up.

Don’t fear the prenup

But “prenup” is no longer the omen of divorce that it used to be. On the contrary, it’s now widely considered a wise and necessary part of a responsible marriage, particularly for those with significant assets. According to studies published by Marriage and Family Review, Communications Reports and PLoS One, a prenuptial agreement tends to help couples have important discussions about money matters and promotes open communication in general.

When you go over the prenup, it gives you both a reason to talk about things that are difficult to say out loud. With this clear and pragmatic purpose, the process is often less awkward and uncomfortable. Once you both reach an agreement, you can move forward without a difficult, yet important, conversation looming over your heads. With the air cleared, both parties often come away with greater faith in the relationship.

You’re still the same person you always were

Just because you’ve signed a piece of paper doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything about who you are. You’re still an individual, and you don’t stop being you. If anything, the prenuptial agreement only solidifies this truth as it helps you remain a fully autonomous person throughout your married life.

Many couples have discovered that a prenup helped them speak about important life topics openly and work through them together. The agreement framework supplies the tools to help you reach an agreement that you both find fair and satisfying.