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Toxic divorces

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2024 | Divorce

Each year, many couples in Indiana make the difficult decision to divorce. At the beginning of a divorce, emotions are often inflamed and conflict is common. But in most cases, over time each party comes to terms with the situation and the divorce can proceed with a minimum of problems.

However, in some cases, one or both parties cannot control their feelings of hurt and anger. And those types of toxic divorces can turn extremely ugly.

Symptoms of a toxic divorce

Probably the most common form of a toxic divorce is a divorce in which one party wants to finalize a divorce and move on, but the other party is unwilling to do so. The resisting party frequently lashes out or obstructs the divorce in several ways.

This may mean slowing down the process – missing court dates or deadlines, not cooperating with requests and contesting every aspect of the divorce. These tactics can draw a divorce process out for years.

Sometimes, the vengeful party will take it further. They might attempt to damage their former partner’s reputation with their friends, employers or even children. They may also refuse to pay child support or alimony payments.

Navigating a toxic divorce

If you find yourself experiencing a toxic divorce or fear you might go through one, it’s important to prepare yourself thoroughly. The situation is going to be unpleasant and draining no matter what you do, but you do have means to protect yourself.

The first step is having a good understanding of your legal rights. While some of the tactics of a toxic divorcee are legal, many either are illegal or skirt the line of legality, and it’s crucial that you defend yourself in every way possible.

A toxic divorce is one in which one or more parties obstruct the divorce process or attempt to cause harm to their former partner. Navigating a toxic divorce is extra challenging, and the process will generally be longer and more arduous than the typical divorce.