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The process of divorce and its emotional stages

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Divorce

When couples in Indiana choose to separate and seek a divorce, there are emotional stages that they will go through. How long working through these stages take will depend on their own personalities and situations, but there are three main stages they usually go through.

The declaration of separation or divorce

When one partner takes the first step towards separation or divorce, both spouses will be emotionally affected. While the partner who receives the news might go into shock, the partner taking the step might feel some exhilaration as they begin the process to end the marriage. This initial emotional reaction might settle into a feeling of confusion for both spouses, which can last several weeks, as they each consider if they have made the right decision, what led to the decision and what a new, single life might be like.

Settling into the separation or divorce

The next few months and through the first year are months of intense emotions and complicated changes. Some of the things separated or divorcing spouses experience during this time include:

  • Fearing changes such as moving and changing jobs
  • Living with depression or isolation even as both begin to enjoy small moments again
  • Dealing with some issues in any new relationships they have entered into
  • Worrying about the beginning of the legal process, including divorce negotiations and child custody
  • Negotiating the developing relationships with new partners and with the children and the new partners

Turning the corner

Things might be looking up much more, emotionally, two years after the process begins. By then, both former spouses might have settled into their new lives. They might even be looking forward to the new opportunities they encounter.

Working through the issues of divorce takes time. Be patient and allow yourself to grieve the end of the relationship so you can look forward to a new future with new opportunities.