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Survey reveals reasons for divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce is a stressful and difficult process in Indiana. Thousands of couples in the state and across the nation get divorced every year for a wide variety of reasons. While the potential causes of divorce are infinite, there are a handful of issues that are particularly common. Avoiding these potential pitfalls is helpful for couples wanting to reduce their chances of divorce.


The idea of work and responsibility drives a substantial number of divorces. The number one cause of divorces, according to recent data is career choice. Couples often change and sacrifice their careers for their partners. These changes can cause resentment and end up leading to divorce. Another common cause of divorce is unfairly shared parental responsibilities. In many cases, one partner will simply be stuck doing more of the chores and day-to-day tasks associated with having children. This disparity also leads to resentment that can only be reconciled in divorce.

Along with work and labor, relationships end up putting strain on marriages. These relationships can include work, family, and friends. Not all couples can handle their parents’ involvement in their marriage or the amount of time they spend at work and with family. Finances and arguments about money appear further down the list but still have the potential to shake even the steadiest marriages.

What to do

Many of the reasons for divorce can be avoided. Couples can work through their ideas on jobs, parenting responsibilities, and money before they get married. They can go to therapy and focus on these ideas of responsibility and work. Couples can also remain cautious when life changes such as job transfers or children being born. Being careful and taking time to work with one another can reduce the necessity of a large percentage of divorces.