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Why modify a child custody order

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2023 | Child Custody

When an Indiana Family Court rules on child custody matters, they do so with the children’s best interests in mind. The custody order typically covers various aspects of custody, including sole and joint custody and visitation rights. The child custody order is binding, but that does not mean it cannot undergo changes. Petitioning for child custody modifications may be necessary.

Points about child custody modifications

Both parents might never expect to request a modification order, but life’s circumstances may force a change. For example, a parent might suffer from a job or income loss, forcing the parent to relocate to a new state or country to earn a living. The court might consider allowing the child to move with the parent, necessitating a change in the visitation schedule, or making the other parent the custodial parent with whom the child resides.

The health and welfare of the child are serious issues, and the court may approve a child custody modification request if the child is in danger. A parent who neglects to feed or provide healthcare endangers a child. Ending the visitation rights of a mentally and physically abusive parent will be necessary without delay.

Other reasons to alter a child custody arrangement

Problems between the parents might persist even after a divorce, and the issues may undermine a child custody arrangement. If one parent does not adhere to the visitation schedule, the court might hear a modification request.

Sadly, a parent might pass away prematurely, and the surviving parent or a legal guardian may seek custodial care. The court will need to rule on issues regarding new custody scenarios in such a situation.