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How to prepare for your custody hearing

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2023 | Child Custody

As your child custody hearing approaches, you might feel anxious and nervous about the process. However, you can do some planning and preparing ahead of time so you can walk into the Indiana courtroom feeling positive and confident of the outcome.

Understanding the process

As you prepare for your child custody hearing, you need to understand the process that you will be undergoing and your state legislation regarding custody. Custody hearings are held in front of a judge who listens to both sides, reviews the evidence presented and usually makes a decision that results in your court order. If you do not agree with the decision, you can appeal the order. You should also know the requirements and expectations for child custody.

Gather documents and evidence to support your case

Before your custody court date, you should gather supporting documents and evidence to present to the judge. If you are seeking sole physical custody, you will need to prove to the judge that you meet the better parent standard and that this is in the best interest of your child. Once you understand the requirements for custody, you can collect the proper documents including:

  • The parenting schedule, including relevant annotations
  • Communication logs between the parents, including phone records, emails and texts
  • Receipts of child support payments

Get ready to make a great impression on the judge

Walking into the court prepared and knowledgeable about the process will go a long way toward making a great impression on the judge. However, you should also ensure that what you wear projects an image of someone who is serious about custody and ready for the responsibility it implies. As well, you should know how you are expected to act in court, including avoiding emotional outbursts and offensive language.